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LUXURY Home staging


LUXURY Home staging

Hi there! We’re Birch & Brass. Simply put, furniture and design is our thing. After frequent requests from our clients to stage their homes, we’ve finally expanded our bandwidth beyond the events industry. 

We’re a bit different than other home stagers & we pride ourselves on this. We have a serious eye for design and an extensive + curated inventory. If buyers want a furnished home, they can purchase any of our staging furniture.

We're a Full-Service Home Staging Company Based in Austin, Texas

About us

We search high + low for design-forward, curated items to incorporate into our home stagings, so your property will never look identical to another property we've staged.

What else? Our strong social media presence on multiple channels will help attract attention to your listing. We include a blog post + social media posts for our vacant home stagings. 

in-house photographer

Widespread Social Media Presence

Expansive warehouse

3-4 crew members per installation

unique & coveted design aesthetic

in-house delivery crew

full-scale furniture

10 Dedicated Staff Members

>  get your home listed faster

>   more exposure for your mls listing

>   extensive selection of unique rentals

>   QUICK installation (USUALLY SINGLE DAY)

>   your home stands ouT from the crowd

>   no delays due to moving companies


>   quick scheduling

How We're Different...

And Why It Matters

Our wide array of home staging rentals includes furniture, decorative items, and artwork. Our collection constantly expands to ensure that no two projects ever look the same.


Our signature style is sure to make your house feel like home to buyers when they walk through the door.

“Birch and Brass has a natural, relatable style that manages to feel high-end, modern, but yet is still accessible. They know how to transform an empty house into an inspiring home."


At a glance

Some not-so-important but fun things to know about us.

who we are

Birch & Brass was undoubtedly built around my unhealthy addiction to collecting furniture. Even from a very young age, I endlessly decorated +  redecorated my bedroom. To this day, I do the same with my home... thankfully, my husband's never shocked when he comes home to new art or an updated bed frame that I just had to have.

Here at Birch & Brass, I source all of the inventory + select the furniture and details for our home stagings. I visualize how a space will best be used and then design accordingly. The seemingly minuscule details are often what ties together an entire room, so you'll often find me agonizing over the perfect placement of every item.

Brittany Pigorini


Favorite season: Summer
Coffee order: Nope! Chai tea
Favorite food: Strawberries
Mountains or beach: Beach
Dream destination: Kyoto in springtime
Fries or tots: Fries
Worst habit: Biting my nails
Secret talent: Expert organizer

Founder + Creative Director


Growing up in coastal Florida, my fondest memories consist of frequenting estate sales and finding treasures at flea markets. As a designer at Birch & Brass, my love of all things interior design directly compliments my passion for staging an empty space. There’s no better feeling than transforming a blank canvas of an empty house into a welcoming home for potential buyers.

Ashton Campbell


Favorite season: Fall
Coffee order: Vanilla latte
Favorite food: Strawberries
Mountains or beach: Beach
Dream destination: Portugal
Fries or tots: Tots
Worst habit: Buying books that I never read
Secret talent: Touching my nose with my tongue

lead designer


As an avid fan of all things design, I love capturing light-filled spaces that are modern and eclectic. Often spotted with a camera in-hand, I work to ensure our home staging projects are photo-ready. Austin’s architecture and design culture is undoubtedly diverse & I'm always excited to capture its best angle.

James H. Ruiz


Favorite season: Spring
Coffee order: Quad espresso on ice
Favorite food: Sushi
Mountains or beach: Beach
Dream destination: Paris
Fries or tots: Fries
Worst habit: My sweet tooth
Secret talent: Making playlists

Digital Media Manager


 I happily traded the Colorado snowstorms for Austin’s sunny skies, and there’s no looking back! At Birch & Brass, I help with our social media channels, content styling and all of the behind-the-scenes facets of our office. When I'm not working, you can find me pages deep on Pinterest while dreaming up how I'll redecorate yet another space in my home. In my eyes, a house becomes a home when every single space feels inspiring to you.

Amy Pobar


Favorite season: Fall
Coffee order: Oat milk latte + lots of cinnamon! 
Favorite food: Cheese and crackers
Mountains or beach: Mountains
Dream destination: Fiji
Fries or tots: Fries all the way
Worst habit: Eating dessert after every meal.
Secret talent: Making an entire charcuterie board disappear

studio coordinator


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